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Viriditas Studio brings together a collective of creative thinkers who are passionate about nature and understand the power it has to heal our minds and bodies.

We want to spread the word that nature can transform people’s lives, show positive ways to help to save our planet, and to make gardening more accessible and inclusive to everyone.

Right now, there is a need and hunger for content that showcases gardening and nature, as well as a growing understanding that nature is intrinsic to our wellbeing.

As a global community, we are at a pivotal point, and to survive we need to reconnect. Viriditas Studio creates content that inspires and educates, empowering people to make positive changes to their own little corner of the world.


In collaboration with gardening and nature magazine Bloom, we created a modern show that's in development with global production company Radical Media. In 6 cinematically beautiful episodes, the show takes its viewers on journeys of discovery to learn how to garden better and live in tune with ourselves and nature.

This show is about seeing gardening differently, taking tips from forward-thinking pioneers and connecting with the planet by getting our hands dirty.

Caroline Clayton is also a multi-award winning commissioner, you can view her portfolio of music work here: